About Us

We are a group of passionate artists on a mission to click amazing photographs, to freeze the moment and to capture the cinematic beauty of the world. We are based in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and are on shoot all across the globe.

Our Story

We are all engineers and this pushed us for not being bad engineers but good photographers. Hailing from the city of Bhilai which has produced rails more than 10 times the circumference of our globe. We have covered the length and breadth of our country. 

A decade of constant growth and passion for creating a journey back in time with each picture positioned us to cover more than 400 weddings, 50+ baby shoots and a century plus of corporate shoots. 

The struggle was real when we started this hobby as a profession back in 2010 and today we are one of the pioneers in wedding photography. Adapting to different cultures at different weddings and creating a concept which enables us to create a chain of picturesque moments.

Our Journey


Purchased our first camera


First professional wedding project


The Aperture Arts established


Covered around 300 + wedding projects and completed, more than 50 baby shoots, more than 100 corporate shoots

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